We specialize in multiple areas of photography, including documentary photography, commercial photography, portraiture, and architecture photography. Want stunning, provocative images for your venture? Look no further. Our photography partner HotChocolate Studios offers tailor-made photography solutions to cater to your every want.

Reza Akram
Co-Founder, Photographer, Film and TV Producer
Reza is a commercial, documentary photographer & Film and TV Producer.

Reza’s work has been featured on The Huffington Post, The Photoblogger, LT Magazine - Sri Lanka to name a few. His distinctive style of capturing photographs and videos has earned him mentions in numerous local and international media outlets.

Having found his life’s calling, Reza began his career as a freelance photographer in 2010.

He honed his photography skills after receiving a scholarship at the Academy of Design in Colombo and learning video production at the University of Colombo.

His experience working at Grant McCaan Erickson in TV commercials prior to being a photographer has given him a broad knowledge of the Sri Lankan media industry.

Reza has executed photography and video assignments for notable organizations such as UNHCR, IUCN, Al-Jazeera, and the British Council. See his photography portfolio on www.hotchocolatestudios.com Instagram: @arezaakram
Yasas Ratnayake
Co-Founder, Writer, Producer
Yasas moved back to Sri Lanka after completing his studies in the US to help create Oceans and Continents Partners.

His multifaceted array of skills include research, writing, public relations, marketing, and project management. He has worked on projects for a number of leading Sri Lankan brands such as Brandix, Singer, NDB Bank, Etisalat, and Sri Lanka Insurance.

Yasas’ academic background in Sociology, philosophy, and political science has helped steer the execution of our groundbreaking maiden project, Angampora: A Nation’s Legacy in Pictures.
Moin Ashraf
Communications, Production Executive
Moin specializes in handling web marketing and IT. But his multi-faceted skills enable him to work in several areas of media production including logistics and planning. Moin is also a skilled photographer who brings his artistic vision to Oceans and Continents’ creative approach to imaging.